Quantum Information


Quantum information research pursues the vision to use fundamentally new paradigms for information processing by harnessing the principles of quantum mechanics to gain in some cases exponential performance increases. Groups at RWTH pursue both theoretical concepts and possible solid state implementations for a quantum computer.


Groups at the Institute for Quantum Information (IQI)

The Institute for Quantum Information comprises:


Solid State Qubits (Professor David DiVincenzo, Professor Fabian Hassler)
Quantum Many-Body Systems, Entanglement and Complexity
(Professor Norbert Schuch, Professor Barbara Terhal)

Quantum Fault Tolerance and Error Correction (Professor Barbara Terhal, Professor David DiVincenzo)


Quantum Technology (Professor Hendrik Bluhm)


Other groups:

Quantum Information Processing Group (Prof. Kristel Michielsen, IAS, FZ Jülich)