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In the last few years, important discoveries have been made in the field of low energy neutrino physics. Flavour transitions of solar electron to muon and tau neutrinos have been clearly shown in the SNO experiment. Further evidence for neutrino oscillations has been found in the KamLAND experiment by a disappearence measurement of electron antineutrinos emitted by nuclear reactors. In 2007, the Borexino experiment started to take data, demonstrating the great potential of the liquid-scintillator technique for the detection of solar and geoneutrinos. Based on this experience, LENA and JUNO have been proposed as a next-generation neutrino detectors:

JUNO (Jiangmen Underground JUNO Observatory) is planed as a spheric 20 kiloton liquid scintillator detector near Jiangmen , China. The main goal of the experiment is the determination of the neutrino mass hierarchy by measuring oscillation effects of neutrinos from nearby nuclear power plants

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