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Theses EDM

Clean room Kirill Grigoryev

Measurements of Electric Dipole Moments (EDM) of elementary particles are considered as one of the most important tools to search for CP violation beyond the Standard Model. The main aim of the Jülich-EDM project is to measure of the proton and deuteron EDM directly at COSY storage ring in Forschungszentrum Jülich.

The future of EDM experiment at COSY will require electro-magnetic or electrostatic deflectors. The preparation studies for building the electrostatic deflector were done at III. Physikalisches Institut, RWTH Aachen. The vacuum chamber for testing different materials, surfaces, polishing and coating of electrodes for the electrostatic deflector is ready and there are several topics for master students to work on:

  • Static electric field simulations of HV-deflector (using Maxwell 2D, Comsol, or other simulation software). Some of the simulated profiles can be tested with real equipment.

  • HV vacuum part construction and tests of the electrostatic deflector in the laboratory of RWTH Aachen. It will require working in the Clean Room with UHV chamber and High Voltage source, different materials and polishing procedures.


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