Freitagsseminar WS 17/18


Beginn der Vorträge ist jeweils 14:00
Ort: Physik-Hörsaal (bei Abschluss-Vorträgen in der VL-freien Zeit im Modulbau1 Raum 026)

Datum Sprecher Thema
13.10.17 Martin Rongen How to build your own picosecond light source
20.10.17 Mara Caltapanides (Bachelortalk) Neutrino oscillation sensitivity studies for long baseline experiments in Japan
10.11.17 Alexander Nehrkorn PhD defence in MBP1 026 Search for the standard model Higgs boson decaying into pairs of tau leptons with the CMS Experiment
1.12.17 Martin Rongen Neutrino Glaziology
8.12.17 Tom Croote Lepton Flavour Violation in the decay of the Z boson into tau lepton and electron/muon pairs at CMS
15.12.17 Martin Leuermann Neutrino mass hierarchy
22.12.17 Martin Urban A Method of Searching for Origins of Cosmic Rays correcting for Galactic Field Deflections and Charge Composition.


Martin Gaisser Introduction to Geometric Algebra
19.1.18 Tag der Physik
26.1.18 Max Schalz (Bachelortalk) Energy threshold of the compact imaging air Cherenkov telescope HAWC’s Eye
2.2.18 Stefan Bechstein Design issues during the construction of a teaching-cyclotron and a teaching-linear-accelerator